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Despre Credibilitate, Incredere, Solidarizare. Si din nou despre Moderarea si Rostul Grupului Green/FB

Grupul Green, in 4luni a ajuns la 4000membrii. Protestele nu vor opri taierea padurilor sau colonizarea economica, probleme serioase necesita o abordare mai adinca, mai radicala, incercam o miscare grassroot fara conducere stabilita, care asteapta cit mai multi lideri … Continuă lectura

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CANVAS Green Revolution : how to turn a cynical, passive, and fearful public into activists – organizing anger – turning passive victims into daring heroes – collective leadership no speeches – postmodern sexy revolution – street theater and pranks – provoke and use arrests – warfare without arms – wooing away the pillars – small successes build self-confidence – developing parallel institutions – growing a group into a mass movement

Early in 2008, workers at a government-owned textile factory in the Egyptian mill town of El-Mahalla el-Kubra announced that they were going on strike on the first Sunday in April to protest high food prices and low wages. They caught … Continuă lectura

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